Recently I’ve been having one of those ‘taking stock’ phases. Having experienced a bout of not great health and suffering a certain amount of social ‘backlash’ at the same time (connected? – possibly but you can’t force folk) it seemed somewhat natural to be looking around, and inside, me to come out of a trough and ride the peak.  

Part of my hitting the reset button has been trying to include more pauses into the day (which as an ME sufferer is not bad tool).  Having sporadically included mindfulness excercises in my life for several years now, I’m making a concerted effort to take a few moments each morning as I wake up.  My little exercise is really a mash up of mindfulness,  and upper body stretching (all whilst sitting down – total bonus).  But on top of that I’m also revisiting yoga a few times a week as a small body boost.

I lit some candles and incense too.  Proper zen. 

Our social media world, to me at least, seems particularly hollow at the moment, whilst at the same time incredibly judgemental.  More and more folk seem to be measuring friendship on the basis of how many statuses of theirs a person likes.  People seem genuinely turned off by anything unsuperficial.  I share a lot of political stories, really fucking relevant to our lives stuff, but people don’t like that.  They want vaguebook statuses and wholly unsubstantiated in fact memes of the latest birthing style goal, or Willy Wonka screenshots.

One of the things I’ve concluded is that, on whatever platform, worrying excessively (hell, worrying at all) about pleasing people is a self fulfilling prophecy of doom.  It’s not going to make you happy and the chances are that the sort of folk that are concerned with Facebook likes and retweets, aren’t going to give a shit anyhow!

To be happy, I realise, I need to concentrate on not trying to please others the whole time.  Get on with living and not give an actual fuck if people like how you live. But also not be too concerned with being happy 100 percent of the time. Just go with the flow man…

Coincidentally to all this, I’ve happened upon a new friend, who amongst lots of other incredibly interesting life facets is a Buddhist Minister.  He has a website and one of the articles is about pretty much what I was just saying – the secret to happiness. So please click through and read it, and share too!

Ssssssssssh, there is no secret…